Heavy Rotation The Song

Watching to the video you can see why this song was such a hit in Japan. “Heavy Rotation” (ヘビーローテーション Hebī Rōtēshon?) is the 17th single(2010) of the Japanese idol group AKB48.


LOST – Kate & Aaron Season Five Sneak Peek

ll-new “Lost” sneak peek video from season five episode “Because You Left” – paternity test – Kate Austen, Aaron, lawyers – Evangeline Lilly

WTF David Blaine?! The Truth Behind His “Dive Of Death”!

Did you watch David Blaine’s “Dive Of Death” and have no idea what the hell you saw? Watch this, I’ll explain for you ;]

Pablo Francisco – Previewman parody

Comedian Pablo Francisco can speak the same voice as the man from many film trailers (Don LaFontaine), you have to check this out it’s briliant! He’s doing a parody of some films with Keanu Reeves, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Morgan Freeman 🙂