Placebo // Loud Like Love (feat. Bret Easton Ellis)

This short film is a Part II of the ‘Unfortunate Details’ experiments
Written & Directed by: Saman Kesh
Excellent music video, it is way better than the ones you see on MTV!! It smart, pure sexy, and kind of erotic, and there is a quiz afterwards.
The movie is absolutely amazing in every level, as the story unfolds before us, it turns out there are three different possible plots.


Erotic Dance on the floor

In this video an experienced female dancer performs erotic dance on the floor. She is very good at what she is doing. It seems that erotic dancing counts as a very good and efficient workout routine. At least it helps burn calories and stay fit. Although I like the dance don’t expect me to drop my jaw at her body, I am a female after all…

Sexy Music Video of the German band My Secret Island

Even those who are not fans of alternative rock will enjoy this sexy music video of the German predominantly girls’ band My Secret Island. The track is from their first album. Although the track is called Evil Fire it is a marvelous one! Evil Fire relies on Mark van Merm’s heavy guitar licks and howling vocals. The atmosphere of the video is dark, coinciding with the band’s Goth Rock style. The solid riffs, distorted guitars, upbeat drums, and vibrato lead voice makes
for a powerful song. The aesthetics are gothic, but the rock hooks makes it a catchy single.

My Secret Island

Funny Video of this attractive woman eating banana in a erotic way

Here is one very funny video from a hidden camera with an attractive woman clad in a skimpy dress eating a banana in a very erotic way. The reaction of the passers-by is priceless.