Placebo // Loud Like Love (feat. Bret Easton Ellis)

This short film is a Part II of the ‘Unfortunate Details’ experiments
Written & Directed by: Saman Kesh
Excellent music video, it is way better than the ones you see on MTV!! It smart, pure sexy, and kind of erotic, and there is a quiz afterwards.
The movie is absolutely amazing in every level, as the story unfolds before us, it turns out there are three different possible plots.


Coldplay Viva la Vida Live MTV Movie Awards 2008

Coldplay Viva la Vida Live MTV Movie Awards 2008
This is really a good song. Congrats to them!
According to Rollingstones Singer Chris Martin chose it after seeing the phrase, which means “long live life,” on a painting by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, who endured polio, a broken spine, and chronic pain for decades. “She went through a lot of shit, of course, and then she started a big painting in her house that said ‘Viva la Vida,’” says Martin. “I just loved the boldness of it.”

America Idol Season 7 David Cook Always Be My Baby

David Cook performs Always Be My Baby. top 7 this week. Mariah Carey is the mentor this week.
Cook or Archuleta?
David Archuleta
David Cook
Jason Castro
Carly Smithson
Syesha Mercado
Brooke White
Kristie Lee Cook

Fashion Designer Falls Through Runway

Fashion designer falls through runway embarrasing video and some erotica here

This video of a fashion designer that falls through runway is rather embarassing because of the way the runway models do not care to stop and help and just walk away and because of the photographers paparazzi that strive to catch the moment on camera and one of them managed to fall in the same hole in the runway probably upon of the poor designer.